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Images of the Chinese-Australian heritage of Bendigo, Victoria

Available from Philip Game

AwakeDragon BendChGdns BendigoGdns CentDeborah
AwakeDragon.jpg BendChGdns.jpg BendigoGdns.jpg CentDeborah.jpg
ChinGdns Dragon DragonDance DragonDance1
ChinGdns.jpg Dragon.jpg DragonDance.jpg DragonDance1.jpg
DragonHead GoldMtnGate KuanYinBendigo RJack
DragonHead.jpg GoldMtnGate.jpg KuanYinBendigo.jpg RJack.jpg
SunLoongPde SunLoongPde2 SunLoongPde3 TwoDragons
SunLoongPde.jpg SunLoongPde2.jpg SunLoongPde3.jpg TwoDragons.jpg

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