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Images from Diu, a remnant of Portuguese India

Available from Philip Game

DiuBazaar DiuDetail DiuFortV
The main bazaar in Diu Town Detail of an archway in the old Portuguese quarter of Diu Town Fortim do Mar or Pani Kotha lies offshore from the 1535 Portuguese fort in Diu
DiuHaveli DiuKids DiuStPaul
Colonial-era haveli or family home in Diu Town Faces of these children in Diu reveal the island's heritage as a former colony of Portugal St Paul's Church, founded by Portuguese Jesuits in 1600 as a seminary
DiuWomen NagoaBch VanakbaraV
Women labourers School excursion party at Nagoa Beach Unloading the fishermen's catch at Vanakbara

Images from Uttarakhand, including Corbett Tiger Reserve, and from Gujarat and Pushkar, Rajasthan.
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