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Images of opal mining in the Australian Outback

Available from Philip Game

Breakaway Breakaway1 Breakaway2 Church1 CooberCamel
Breakaway.jpg Breakaway1.jpg Breakaway2.jpg Church1.jpg CooberCamel.jpg
CooberCampground CooberMural CooberWarning Coobtown CrocHarry2
CooberCampground... CooberMural.jpg CooberWarning.jpg Coobtown.jpg CrocHarry2.jpg
DogFence GibberPlain Jonjames1 JonJamesUte LRidge1
DogFence.jpg GibberPlain.jpg Jonjames1.jpg JonJamesUte.jpg LRidge1.jpg
LRidgeDlr Moonscape1 Moonscape2 OutbackRdSign water
LRidgeDlr.jpg Moonscape1.jpg Moonscape2.jpg OutbackRdSign.jpg water.jpg
WCRustingCar WhCliffsDusk WhCliffsDusk2 WhiteCliffs1 WhiteCliffsMarker
WCRustingCar.jpg WhCliffsDusk.jpg WhCliffsDusk2.jpg WhiteCliffs1.jpg WhiteCliffsMarke...

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