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The Maltese Connection: Malta’s post-War migrants made good in the Antipodes, and they and their children often return to a mother country now firmly aligned with Europe. For those without family connections, Malta remains an enjoyable destination blending aspects of North Africa, Sicily and even England. Europeans flock here for the sunshine, but the rest of us can savour fine food with an Italian touch, and admire other legacies of a long and tortuous history. Indeed, for the capital of a small island nation, Valletta boasts a cultural and architectural legacy as compelling as those of many better-known European destinations.

Malta for Motorheads: Waiting for a bus is rarely fun. On Malta, at least, there’s the novelty of wondering just what will come lumbering down the road. The motley fleet of public buses, often decades-old models boasting an abundance of chrome and proclaiming the owner’s faith in the Virgin Mary, or even commemorating the Aussie suburb where he spent his earlier years, is paralleled in the veteran saloon cars maintained by enthusiasts like Harry Caruana.

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