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Folk costumes, Istanbul Blue Mosque, Istanbul Lone Pine Cemetery, Gallipoli

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Istanbul, the city that straddles two continents, has become one of Europe's most rewarding and most acclaimed destinations, bustling, last summer, with tourists of every stripe. Smart stores and shiny new light-rail tramcars (are you listening, Melbourne?) are juxtaposed against the medieval beauty of Aya Sofya, Byzantine church turned mosque, its majestic Ottoman neighbour, the Blue Mosque, and countless other legacies of vanished empires. The Grand Bazaar and the bustling waterfront of the Golden Horn are guaranteed to amuse and to fascinate.

Never forget Gallipoli... Ari Burnu is a beautiful beach where no-one dreams of swimming anymore... Anzac Cove, as westerners now know it, has become sacred ground, a memorial to the men who waded ashore here to die. For Antipodean visitors, the highlights of Turkey include the battlefields of the Gallipoli Peninsula. Here the Anzac legend was forged as thousands of Allied and Turkish soldiers died in Winston Churchill's doomed campaign to seize control of the vital Dardanelles Strait, the sea route to the Black Sea.

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